Awnings and Fabric Care

Importance of Maintenance

If you've gone to the expense of installing awnings for signage, shade, or just to enhance the exterior of your home or business, it's important to consider the benefits of maintaining them.

Here's how Evershade can help:

Awnings for windows, patios, and entrances are a wonderful way to make your home or business more attractive, and are often installed for this reason alone. However, dirty awnings are not aesthetically appealing and actually end up having the opposite effect they were intended for! A well kept exterior with attractive, clean awnings not only looks good, but also sends a positive perception. This is particularly important to commercial properties where any hint of exterior shabbiness or neglect can easily result in lost business. Our service is also a great way to enhance "curb appeal" when selling your property.

Professional Results

Evershade's professionally trained crews use a gentle, low pressure hand-cleaning process with specialized equipment and manufacturer approved cleaners and sealers that won't harm your fabric. Results are a clean, uniform appearance. Evershade is also licensed and insured. Be weary of inexperienced and unlicensed individuals that "go to school" on your job! Evershade offers a complimentary test wash to prove the quality of our service.

Protect Your Investment

Evershade will extend the life of your awnings and will keep your warranties current. Cleaning removes the pollution, dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants that cause the material to weaken and age prematurely. Our special sealers provide continued protection from U. V. and mildew damage.

Save Money

Left unchecked, the elements quickly take their toll on your awnings. Regular maintenance costs much less than replacing your awnings. If you participate in Evershade's quarterly cleaning plan, you save money in the long run. An awning that is cleaned regularly is easier and faster to clean than one that is cleaned infrequently, saving you money on a per-cleaning basis. Best of all, our service is very affordable.